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    Jun 28, 2019
    Hi I have been looking around for an answer to this for a while so i decided i will post and see if anyone can help me out here.
    I have an SSC account i use to run my server, i can log in and out of this "default" group account and login to the superadmin account of the same username, i created a new group with more perms (modifying the map) that my most active users are added to. I attempted to allow more access without logging into the superadmin account (and losing all progress/inventory when playing with skipping SSC backup) by changing this account to the new group. i believe this removed all superadmin perms along with it (new problem, need to reset superadmin privileges to account again )
    Has anyone done this or know of a better way to play with friends without all the superadmin perms, the registered player goes to the "default" group (no modifying the map allowed) so if i want to build i have to save, store all inventory and log in to superadmin. or am i just stuck with this playstyle if i want to play w friends?
    Hope that made sense
    Thanks for the help!