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Help, obviously

Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by Loren71, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Loren71

    Loren71 Level 0

    Oct 19, 2019
    In the past two weeks I've been working for a brand new server I thought of all the time.
    And today I tried using tShock to open the server and make everything work. AAAAaand obviously, since I suck at this kind of stuff, it was an absolute disaster. At first I was determined because I did the first crucial step of making it joinable (I also played around with Spawnboss because why not?), but then, I noticed that I needed plugins to make the server work like it's supposed to. I used /exit to save, closed tShock and opened Google to see which plugins could have been useful. I didn't find anything, but the "Protector" catched my eyes and I installed it. Then I tried opening my server again after extracting and doing all the stuff, but it didn't work, it was stuck in the process of joining server no matter how much I was waiting. Then I tried opening tShock and I found out that it seemed like my server was nowhere to be found. Maybe it's just me and it Always works like this, but I couldn't join the server. And even if I managed to, I'd still have trouble finding the right plugins.
    Please… if you can, help. I don't want to consider all my work a waste. I'm sure there's a bunch of talented people that make cool plugins here, so I'd be surprised if nobody helped me. I'd also like to know any tips and tricks. And yes, I know, I am sure I messed up something, but I still need help, please.
    This is all I need for the server to work (I don't think it's that complicated to do):
    A queue system and some commands that are only accessible by players in a determined area (Commands edit the player's inventory). Each time, two random players are picked and are teleported to an area, but not way too close to each other. After the two players are picked, the match starts and a timer starts. If a player dies or the time's up, both players are teleported to the spawn point. Lastly, functional Whoopie Cushions that can give you buffs and debuffs, can change your inventory, etc., like in Pedguin's server.
    Maybe some of the plugins I need already exist, but god hell no I don't really want to bother to find any, so please search for anything or if you can, make your own for me. Sadly it will take some time… Thanks for reading thus far, though.