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I just dockerized tShock

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fjfnaranjo, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. fjfnaranjo

    fjfnaranjo Level 0

    Sep 30, 2018
    Hello guys, nice to meet you all.

    I just created a Docker image with the last tShock release.

    https ://hub.docker.com/r/fjfnaranjo/tshock/

    It should be considered alpha for now. I'm not sure if I included all the Mono packages needed by the project and backups and application life cycle management is a little clumsy.

    Remember to issue a /off command if you want to try it and you need to kill the container, tShock doesn't catch the signal sent by Docker when it stops containers.

    If someone wants to help feel free to hang around the image GitHub repository.

    https ://github.com/fjfnaranjo/tshock-docker

    Have a nice weekend.

    EDIT: Links split b/c got red flagged for spam. If some moderator can fix the links it will be appreciated.
    EDIT: Engrish everywhere...
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