Improvement Is there really no documentation/list of basic functions for TSAPI (TShock plugin API)?

Discussion in 'Plugin Discussion' started by JasWat1728, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Jul 3, 2019
    Disclaimer: I'm new to these forums and new to plugin development for TShock.

    One issue I've noticed is that people usually say that people who are beginning to learn plugin development should look for example plugins or ask questions on these forums about how to do a certain thing in a plugin.

    There are only 4 examples listed on the official readme site, and trying to learn from other peoples plugins available on this website isn't really great as they are usually big.

    I have 2 suggestions:
    • Add more tutorials to the readme site (keep them simple and with only a few functions like the 4 that are already there, of course).
    • Come up with documentation of some functions (that explains the syntax). It doesn't necessarily need to have every function listed there, as I heard the API is too big for that, but we can still expand on that documentation as time goes by. Maybe have it in wiki form?
    I know that questions like "how do I make plugin?" aren't good ones to ask, but as someone who has been doing programming in other languages (I've done C++ before but it's been a year or 2 since I last did it), I think that the lack of tutorials on the official readme site would kind of drive people to ask questions like these, as they won't really know where to begin when it comes to making a plugin that suites their server needs.

    Also, making a forum post every time you want to learn a new function seems a bit cumbersome, and spammy if you don't know how to word your search query to search for a post asking the same question as you (there might not be a post where they ask your question using the same words as you).