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Resolved Kicked: Blank Name

Discussion in 'Help and Support' started by Marcus101RR, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. Marcus101RR

    Marcus101RR Guest

    name is "Marcus101RR" and when I register it says successful, database shows my name. However, when I join the game it says "Kicked: Blank Name" otherwise if I was already in game, it says the user by that name does not exist...how nice...

    2013-10-01 18:55:38 - TShock: INFO: TShock was improperly shut down. Please use the exit command in the future to prevent this.
    2013-10-01 18:55:38 - TShock: INFO: |> Version (And the great beast rose from its slumber, ready to take on the world again.) now running.
    2013-10-01 18:55:39 - TShock: INFO: AutoSave Enabled
    2013-10-01 18:55:39 - TShock: INFO: Backups Disabled
    2013-10-01 18:56:19 - GetDataHandlers: INFO: Marcus101RR ( from 'guest' group joined. (0/8)
    2013-10-01 18:56:19 - Utils: INFO: Broadcast: Marcus101RR has joined.
    2013-10-01 18:56:30 - Commands: INFO: Marcus101RR registered an account: Marcus101RR.
    2013-10-01 18:56:37 - Commands: ERROR: System.ArgumentNullException: String reference not set to an instance of a String.
    Parameter name: s
      at System.Text.Encoding.GetBytes(String s)
      at Terraria.NetMessage.SendData(Int32 msgType, Int32 remoteClient, Int32 ignoreClient, String text, Int32 number, Single number2, Single number3, Single number4, Int32 number5)
      at TShockAPI.PlayerData.RestoreCharacter(TSPlayer player)
      at TShockAPI.Commands.AttemptLogin(CommandArgs args)
  2. k0rd

    k0rd Tee Shawk Developer
    TShock Admin

    Dec 22, 2011
    We just fixed this in pre release 7
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  3. Marcus101RR

    Marcus101RR Guest

    Can't wait to see it release. Thanks for the confirmation.
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