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[Plugin Suggestion] Tilekill counter

Discussion in 'Plugin Suggestions' started by BladeMasterLegend, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. BladeMasterLegend

    Aug 18, 2015

    For first, I'd like to say, probably many of you will find this plugin boring/annoying, but personally I'd find it interesting and neat, I'd like to use it on my TShock server.

    So plugin is simple its about counting how many blocks(tiles) player has mined/destroyed, like Terraria counts kills and displays them on every 50 kill in chat, it will display how many tiles has player mined/destroyed in chat, for example, every 100-200 tile destroyed, message on chat will pop up "Player has mined 50,000 blocks!" something like this, there will be a config that will allow server owner to adjust on how many destroyed tiles it should announce, for example I'd like it to be 100, but other people might want to increase it or decrease it.

    Also pardon me about my English, it's not my main language, aswell if I posted in wrong section, I'm in hurry.