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[UK] Terra Grumps -Dedicated, community server-

Discussion in 'The Spectral Abyss' started by Pssartist, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. Pssartist

    Pssartist Testing until the end

    Oct 19, 2011
    [UK] Terra Grumps

    Connection info: Port:7777

    Hello Terrarians!

    Our steam group, Rusty Grumps, has just added a Terraria server to it`s current list of game servers and would like to invite you all to join our Tshock server, and our community!
    We have a few years experience between us with hosting servers, Terraria being an old favourite of mine and a few of our admin (you may remember us hosting servers like Pinky`s revenge, Amethyst, HomeSweetHome, all quite some time ago!) and we`re bringing back a server that has a mix of all of those old flavours and maybe some new.

    Our goal is always to entertain and support our community. We listen to suggestions, make changes where it`s needed and try to think of as many different ways as possible for everyone to enjoy our game servers. With Terraria it is no different!

    We plan to have a little of everything with this server:
    A safe environment for community members to enjoy building and exploring. With Tshock we are able to better protect our players and our world. We can do things like protect your houses with region controls to stop plonkers from griefing/destroying your hard work. Even set up new instances for new players to play through normal mode in peace with the benefits of Tshock. It`s really up to what the players call for here.
    With Tshock we can also add a lot of interesting and exciting things to the server with plugins made by the community. Like: arena deathmatches, CaptureTheGem, CapturetheFlag, BossSpawningMayhem, all with rewards for our players. We can do all kinds of fun stuff :D
    We also use Tedit, which is a map editor for Terraria. Using this we can copy buildings from our server that can simply be saved from map to map, or used as a schematic for something much much bigger, like a city build ;)

    Anyway, I`ll shut up now and let you get on with playing and if I think of anything else I can add it here later lol!
    Be sure to leave suggestions below!
    Feel free to add me on steam if you need more info:
    Almer Pssartist

    We also have a Teamspeak3 server open for all to use:
    If you read this far you will know the password for TS is "rustygrumps" and that you have my thanks!

    Our Terrariaonline thread:
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  2. tlworks

    tlworks Level 2

    Aug 22, 2016
    Dead Server.
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