All forum data (this website) will be deleted unless you vote to keep the forum.
  1. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Mar 5, 2020
    Hey TShockers,

    It's been a very long time since the TShock project started. We know that people use the forums for a lot of things, including plugin downloads. Unfortunately, though, running the forums has created a lurking nightmare for me. The nightmare is essentially that XenForo, the forum software that we use, is based on PHP, and the underlying stack behind it is getting quite old. We're on old hardware too, which means that we should probably upgrade to some more modern hardware. All of this requires work.

    So, I'm putting it to the community: should these forums stay? Please vote in the poll attached to this thread.

    If the answer is yes:
    • The forums will be upgraded to Discourse, moved to Azure, and perpetually kept up to date by the magic of automatic updates.
    • All user accounts (save for permanently banned users and spam bots) and all posts will move. Forum PMs, profile posts, and other data will be lost. You'll have plenty of time to save this and move it if you want.
    • All "resources" (plugins) will be moved in some way even though they aren't forum threads.
    • Still not accepting donations, but functionally, we'll be on Azure hardware with a super modern OS, database, CDN, and all that fun stuff you come to expect from a modern website.
    • We won't run Discourse like animals. That means no default daily digest emails, no "we missed you here are some updates you don't care about" emails. We'll do it right!
    If the answer is no:
    • The forums will be set to read only eventually.
    • The plugins will be backed up / moved to some other place where we can keep them archived.
    • The forums will be removed and all data will be lost.
    • The website will become a static site hosted on GitHub Pages with forums available download, links to discord, telegram, and ReadMe for questions.
    In this poll, the default option is no. The number of yes votes must exceed the number of no votes. There must be a minimum of 300 votes or...
  2. Wight
    Created by Wight
    Apr 1, 2019
    This release includes some minor bug fixes and solves a few long-standing issues.

    * No more stat tracker
    * Disabled players won't get healed any longer
    * Town NPCs should be a little safer from rogue packets
    * Ghost chainsaws after player deaths may or may not be fixed
    * SQLite binaries updated to ones without (known) vulnerabilities
    * 0-length crash patch applied at TSAPI level

    Download via Github releases here:

  3. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Oct 30, 2018
    I'm happy to announce to that we've added @AxeelAnder to the team in light of his recent contributions. Welcome!
  4. nicatronTg
    Created by nicatronTg
    Oct 28, 2018
    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to let you know that I've made the decision to stop accepting donations for TShock. Back when we started out, I didn't have stable income and running this project cost me way more money than I had -- and donations kept us alive for a long time. Now, however, I've reached the point where I have a steady income and can support the project without outside help.

    As a thank you, @Septimus and @Atreon have been permanently given their donor ranks, as they were the longest lasting donors we've ever had. In addition, all prior donors and contributors will be getting permanent access to future projects that I sell at no charge, and some additional thank you benefits as I come up with them.

    But again, thank you. TShock wouldn't be here without its community. Thank you all so much!
  5. Wight
    Created by Wight
    Aug 16, 2018
    Most of our community is on Discord, so we've reinstated a minimalist Discord server for Q/A type questions - quick questions with quick answers.
    You can join at

    If you're seeking in-depth help then it's still recommended that you visit our Telegram room at This is where we will provide further assistance if required.